Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enjoying the Sunshine

Good day!  I am sitting at the dentist's office...waiting for Mel. This was my last appointment for 6 months...a short one. It's Mel's first...I think a long one to evaluate and clean his teeth. So I have a little time to sit and catch my breath. 
It has turned hot here-record breaking temperatures!  Yesterday was 97 and today may reach 100. It doesn't usually get so hot until July or August. I like it as long as I have a cool place to go if I get too warm. I am spoiled!
I am a little anxious today. Mel and I are supposed to talk in Relief Society tonight. It is a good topic...turning lemons into lemonade. I just get nervous talking in front of people. But I guess it will soon be over. Time seems to be passing so quickly!
We're also supposed to speak at the Women's prison in August I think. We had to fill out papers to get clearance to visit. I'm not sure why they have me speaking with Mel all of a sudden. But it is all good. 
I am hoping to start painting later today. I found a palette keeper in Oklahoma that should help to keep me painting more consistently. I have one for acrylic paints by the same company. So I have great hopes that this one for oils will work well. It would be great not to have to remix colors every time I have time to paint!
This office is a nice place to sit. It backs up to a creek and there are ducks and birds and butterflies and even dragonflies!  
So I hope your day goes well out in cyberspace. Take care and HAVVVGW!!!

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LeAnn said...

Wow, I think it is awesome that you are getting to speak with your husband at RS and then at the Prison. I will love to read your experiences. It is nice to have something relaxing to look at when you have to wait. I hope you sweet husband doesn't have a ton of dental work to have done.
Well hope you have a great night turning lemons into lemonade. Hugs!