Friday, June 26, 2015


Hola!  We're in Seattle today. We've spent most of the day in the temple. It's a beautiful temple...bigger than I imagined. My granddaughter Madeline went for the first time today. It was so nice. Tomorrow is her wedding in the morning then the rest of the day will be celebrations. It's so beautiful here. I love how green it is. But there's a heat wave here...all the way to 81!
Anyway life is good. Hope it's good in cyberspace too!  HAVVVGW!!!!

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LeAnn said...

I think I would take 81 right now. I know you will enjoy the sweet moments on this one. The Seattle temple used to be out temple when we lived in Spokane. I love and miss Washington. It is beautiful there.
Enjoy! Hugs~