Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking Forward!

Guten Tag!  And a peaceful Sabbath!!!  I have enjoyed this lovely day.  It is nice to have a day that is not centered on work and business.  Church was so good.  I love to see the good people in our ward.  I feel close to so many good people.  I like that.
One of my artist friends came up to me today and asked if I was going to take a class that is coming up next week.  It is a class I have wanted to take for a couple of years now, but it hasn't worked out with my time schedule.  The artist who comes is from out of town...I think he lives in Florida.  He is 80 I think, so getting on in years.  But I think he is one of those of the generation of my parents.   And he teaches the classical methods of the master painters.  So I am excited to go.  It starts on the 22nd.  Unfortunately I will miss the last two classes.  He does 5 classes in a week.  And we are leaving to go to my granddaughter, Madeline's, wedding.  But I can take three classes, so I think it may be enough for now.  He teaches what sounds like the method that Liz Lemon Swindle paints.  I am excited to learn.  It maybe that I know some of it.  I had a teacher at BSU that taught imprimatura methods.  But I think this goes a bit further.  Anyway, I am excited.  I am supposed to pick a master painting that I love and copy it onto a gessoed board.  Then he will lecture and demonstrate on his painting, then help us with ours.  At least that is what I was told.  We shall see.  It will keep me motivated to paint I think.
In other news....there isn't much I guess.  Just the same things happening, meals, laundry and dishes.  I never seem to have the energy for much else.  Although I did have grandkids over a few times last week.  We still haven't been able to catch that movie...The Cokeville Miracle.  It plays at kind of weird times, and it is only at one theater that is about 45 minutes from here.  We had planned to see it Saturday but we had some unexpected things come up...mostly Mel had to help a lady he home teaches.  Her air conditioner fell out of the window and so he helped her prop it up more securely.  I think how hard it must be for women alone, on a small budget, to get help with hard things.  I was glad he could help.  But we also had a wedding reception to attend for his niece's son, and so it just didn't work.  I am hoping we can go next week if it is still playing here.
I have been a little frustrated lately with how much there is to do and my inability to get it all done.  And being a woman is limiting.  I would really like to build a small enclosure for the dogs, at least until Buddy stops chewing everything in sight, but I don't have the strength or the skill set.  Mel has both, but less time than me.  So...I may hire someone else.  But that makes it cost money that I don't really want to spend.  Sigh and double sigh. Oh well, not a huge problem.  I should just take Buddy with me everywhere.  But the bad thing about that is that he might chew up the inside of the car...or the shop.  He will grow bigger, and his baby teeth will all be replaced and he will stop chewing....I patience is probably the key.  He is still the most lovey dog I have ever owned.  He is just a sweetheart!
Well, I guess I will end this long and rather boring post.  I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace. Take care!!!  Have a wonderful rest of today....or whatever day it is when you read this.  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love that you are always learning more about painting. I am sure you will have a great time at the class. You have a granddaughter's wedding to look forward to that is sweet.
I am like you I have a certain number of things that I do everyday and adding anything knew makes me tired. I wish I had a bit more energy.
I don't know what to say about your puppy other than we love these little dogs of ours and it's hard to be upset with them. I hope you can get a place fixed for him.
Hugs for a delightful read~