Monday, June 29, 2015

Rest and Recuperation

Hola!  I'm sitting in my favorite chair at my dad's house. It's one of those that has a button controller that will go from reclining to standing up. It's kind of fun and very comfortable. We're just relaxing. It's great after the last few days of wedding celebrations. Madeline is happily married now and we stopped to visit my dad before we head back to Nampa tomorrow. It's warm here. At least it is for Sutherlin. And the hills are brown (gold) like California. I guess the drought is here too. Usually it is green. 
My dad is doing very well and is really glad we are here. It's so good to be here.   I wish we lived closer. 
Well I am going to have to write more when I get home. Hope all is well wherever you are in cyberspace tonight!  Adios!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am happy you are getting to relax in that chair for a little while. Have a safe trip home. I think it is awesome you were able to attend the wedding. I also know how much you are enjoying being with your Dad. Keep on doing that because I wish my parents were still here and miss them everyday.
Sending hugs your way!