Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Good day!  I'm sitting at Les Schwabb waiting to get my tires balanced this morning. I hope it doesn't take too long. We got a new to us Camry yesterday. It's a 2014. It's pretty nice but it makes a weird tire sound. I hope it only needs balancing. 
Then I think Liz and her kids will be over. My neighbor has cherries he is giving away and snow peas. And free produce is always great!
So tonight is the real night for us to talk in Relief Society. I'm trying to not be nervous. I feel more prepared than last week!  I'll be glad when it's over though. I've never been much of a great speaker. That's Mel!
Anyway not much is happening here. Life keeps speeding by!  Have a great day!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I so need to get my car in for some work on it. I hate sitting and waiting for it so that causes me to put it off.
It's awesome when you have neighbors that share their produce. We are going to have a very small garden this year; but then there are only the two of us.
I am sure your moment in RS tonight will be wonderful. I will be thinking of you.
We have a RS Summer Salad social tonight that they do yearly in someones back yard. It is really fun. Lots of yummy salads and desserts. I have been saving my calories for tonight.
Blessings and hugs!