Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hola!  Things have been busy here the last few days. We had a very fun and spontaneous family reunion with all of our children on Sunday evening. Kenny flew here to see Julie & family back from Oklahoma,so we had everyone who could make it over for food and fun.
Monday Mel took a holiday so we could visit a little longer with Kenny. It was a fun day. But it was hard to see Kenny leave again. I hope he can move closer at some point. 
Yesterday we took a business trip to Twin Falls to talk with a customer.  It's only a couple hours away but it makes for a long day. We did make some good progress though, so it was worth the trip. Today was fun. My sweet granddaughter Ellen came over and did some housecleaning. She is earning money for cheerleading camp. And my daughter Kim tagged along so we had a nice visit. 
Tonight we have a temple prep class for one of my former Mia Maids. She is getting married in the temple soon. That should be fun. 
So you can see things have been pretty busy.  I'll try to write a better post soon when I have more time. In the meantime I'm hoping all is well in cyberspace. HAVVVGE!!!  Melody

Friday, July 24, 2015


Happy Pioneer Day!!  It's a good day here. I'm not unusually tired it must have been the medicine. That's a relief!  But I guess I get to try a couple more and see if I can find one that works. Yippee!!!
I'm sitting here cooling off after picking corn, tomatoes and peppers. I'm lucky my neighbor is such a good gardener...and left town for a couple of weeks. They asked if we would mind picking some. :)  the corn is so sweet!  Taylor and Gabe are here to help us eat it. Gabe insisted we pick an eggplant. I'm not sure how to cook it. Thankfully there's the Internet. I'm sure to find some way that's  yummy. 
Kenny is coming tomorrow for a few days so we are having a get together with all of the kids on Sunday. I'm excited for that. In the meantime I am trying to get everything done ahead of time. And trying not to stress. 
The weather is warm today. But it is supposed to be cooler for the next few days. I'm glad!!
Well I hope all is happy in cyberspace!  Take care and remember I'm pulling for you!!!  Melody

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Good morning!  I am feeling a little less tired this morning.  I went to see my doctor yesterday and he decided to take me off the newest medicine I have been taking.  We are going to see if it is the culprit that makes me so tired.  I have been having a hard time waking up and staying up since I started taking it a couple of weeks ago.  But of course it could just be coincidence.  So I am off the med for a week to see if it will help with this exhaustion.  I hope it is a simple solution like that.  I don't like to feel so tired and dysfunctional!
Last night Marie Ozmond and the Nashville Tribute band played here in Nampa.  I think it went well.  We didn't go, not because it wouldn't have been fun, but because we are both too tired at night!  The band played at Women's Conference.  And my daughter Julie has a connection with them because she sang with them in Oklahoma.  So she went and talked to them there.  She has a very nice singing voice.
Well, I haven't much to say.  I have been doing some reading about classical realistic style painting.  The guy I took a class from has written a couple of books, so I bought one to read.  It is interesting.  I hope I soon have my energy back so that I can actually do some of this.  Sigh!!!
I hope all is well in cyberspace!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Monday, July 20, 2015

White bread and a Kitten

Hola!  I'm having a low energy day today. My daughter Julie and her husband Randy and all their kids moved back to Idaho from Oklahoma this last weekend. It's so great to have them back. But I may have over done it a little. I've been so tired today. I'm trying to make up for my laziness. I decided I could make bread and then sit around waiting for it to rise. It helps me to feel like a real homemaker...even though I haven't done so great today. 
It smells wonderful!
The other new thing in my life is a kitten. It was living outside with her mom. But the mom got run over and so I decided to bring the kitten inside. She's pretty cute...very snugly. Mostly she sleeps. Her sibling went to another home a couple of weeks ago. So she is all alone. And I enjoy the company. Our dog Buddy is too big for the house. And he chews EVERYTHING!!!  So I am enjoying this little kitten. 
And that's about it. I'm having a good day except for the lack of energy. I hope all is well with you and yours!!  HAVVVGreat FHE!!!!  Melody 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Singing in the Rain

Hola!  Here's a couple of pics from our adventure to McCall on Monday. It was pretty wet but fun nonetheless. My sister Diane wanted to go and I volunteered to tag along with my daughter Kim...who did all the driving. While we were gone my brother in law cooked us a Thai dinner. He is a much better cook than any of the rest of us. It was a good conclusion to a soggy day!
I wanted to show our green lawn. It is looking great after all the rain!  And I hired a young man to mow and trim. It's great. 
Well I am off to the shop. I have been trying to help out there this week. HAVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Good day!  I hope it is for you.  I am excited for my grandson, Sebastian.  He turns ten years old today.  A whole decade!  That is quite an accomplishment!!!  I don't remember my tenth birthday.  But I do remember my eleventh.  I got to go to see the new movie, "West Side Story" in a theater in downtown Oakland.  I remember the excitement of going to the city.  As I recall I got to take my best friend, Meg, with us.  But I am no longer sure of that.  I do remember trying to dance like the Jets.  It was a movie I really liked.  I loved the music!  "There's a Place for Us" saddened my eleven year old heart.  And "I want to be in America" was wonderful!  Fun memories.
Last night we drove to Glenns Ferry to see our daughter, Amy, perform.  She is in a band that played for the dinner portion of the program.  And then she was in the play that followed.  She played the part of "Tony Petrillo".  It was funny to see her act the part of a man.  She did well. They are never very serious dramas.  It is all done in fun, and we laughed a lot.  There were two other women who played the part of men.  Kind of opposite of Shakespeare's day.
So besides the party this afternoon, my assignment is to finish organizing my file drawers.  I am almost done.  I worked on it a while yesterday.  I was able to throw away a bunch of old papers.  I would like to get it all organized and usable.
In other new medicine is working well.  Although I woke up at 3 the night before last with a blood sugar of 60.  I think that was the number that sent my dad to the hospital one night.  But I called the doctor and with his advice I am able to eliminate some of my other medications, and have a better blood sugar, so that is great.  I am glad for the miracles of modern medicine;)
Well, I guess that's all for today.  I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace today.  Take care and remember I am pulling for you!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hola!  I have been painting this morning!  Yay!  It is so hard to get to it, but it always feels so right!  Anyway, I have been working on corrections in the man with the red turban.  It sounds kind of like the man with the yellow hat to me:)  I always liked Curious George!  Anyway, it isn't much of a difference unless you are looking at mine versus the original.  But it makes me feel better.
Yesterday I went in to see my doctor....had all the labs done.  My blood sugar was too high, so he put me on a new medication.  And apparently it works well because I woke up at 3 am with a very low count....80.  So I drank orange juice and stayed up for a while to make sure I was fine.  I am not sure if I should adjust medication.  I will call the doctor's office and see what they say to do.  I kind of like to pretend I have no it is a little surprising when one acts up.  Sigh!!!
Other than that life is pretty normal.  I seem to keep very busy with kids and kids of kids.  And I really have been very tired.  I think it is the heat.  But it is supposed to cool down a bit in the next day or two.  I am grateful for that!!!
I've been having trouble with my photos lately.  I updated new, updated software and it isn't working right.  So I guess no photos today.  I am not sure how to fix things, but maybe Mel will be able to figure it out.
Anyway, just thought I should send out a happy greeting.  Life is great here.  I hope it is in cyberspace!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More rest and recuperation...and laundry!!!

We got home last night...drove all the way through from Sutherlin to Nampa.  This would not have phased us a few years ago.  Today we are both exhausted and wondering where we left the stamina.  It must be lost somewhere on the desert floor between here and Sutherlin.  Oh well.
We had to get back to make payroll.  Or I think we might have stayed a couple more days.  The weather was hot, but the ocean was calling.  If I had a couple more days we might have walked on the beach.  But then the beach is always with us.  I am not sure how long we get to have my dad and Barb here.
Home is lovely.  Although we had turned off the air before we left and the temp. inside was 89 degrees when we got home last night.  It took almost half the night for it to cool down.  Perhaps that is why we are so tired today.  We both wonder why it is so tiring to sit in a car and drive.  It doesn't seem too aerobic.
I have plenty to do here.  I want to work on my man in the red turban a little more.  And I want to try my new methods on some of my own work.  We learned a graphing method of transferring drawings that really worked for me.  And we also learned a lot about values in painting.  I think I have known the theory, but this is a more practical application using a palette that is shaded in nine you kind of match them....although it is in gray.  Still if you squint your eyes it makes so much does in art....and life!
We really had such a nice visit with Michelle and her family and especially Madeline....who is now in Mexico for a long honeymoon.  I think they are going for three weeks!  He has lots of family there to visit and I guess it is beautiful.  It was fun to get a little peek into the Mexican culture.  Although Aleisis is an all American guy, his grandparents are from Mexico.  And the temple ceremony was kind of special as Aleisis' brother translated the service and all that was spoken into Spanish.  It kind of slowed things down and gave us time to ponder.  The Spirit was very present and strong.  The remainder of the day was filled with a ring ceremony for the relatives that couldn't go in the temple, and then a really fun reception....lots of dancing and good food....and lots of people!!!! We left early...about 10.  I think it went on until midnight when they had to be out of the building.
Sunday was special too.  We went to a ward that was near our motel in Bellevue.  The bishop was Bishop Hunt.  He said he was from St. George...and that it was the first time since he had moved to Seattle that the weather was warm enough!  He had the nicest smile...and used it a lot.  I think he set the tone for the meeting because it was very joyful.  I love meeting people who seem to radiate the joy of the gospel.
Well, I suppose life will return to normal...whatever that may be.  It seems that it is a little more unpredictable than in the past.  I hope all is well in cyberspace.  I wish all a very, merry and happy evening!!!!!  Melody