Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More rest and recuperation...and laundry!!!

We got home last night...drove all the way through from Sutherlin to Nampa.  This would not have phased us a few years ago.  Today we are both exhausted and wondering where we left the stamina.  It must be lost somewhere on the desert floor between here and Sutherlin.  Oh well.
We had to get back to make payroll.  Or I think we might have stayed a couple more days.  The weather was hot, but the ocean was calling.  If I had a couple more days we might have walked on the beach.  But then the beach is always with us.  I am not sure how long we get to have my dad and Barb here.
Home is lovely.  Although we had turned off the air before we left and the temp. inside was 89 degrees when we got home last night.  It took almost half the night for it to cool down.  Perhaps that is why we are so tired today.  We both wonder why it is so tiring to sit in a car and drive.  It doesn't seem too aerobic.
I have plenty to do here.  I want to work on my man in the red turban a little more.  And I want to try my new methods on some of my own work.  We learned a graphing method of transferring drawings that really worked for me.  And we also learned a lot about values in painting.  I think I have known the theory, but this is a more practical application using a palette that is shaded in nine you kind of match them....although it is in gray.  Still if you squint your eyes it makes so much does in art....and life!
We really had such a nice visit with Michelle and her family and especially Madeline....who is now in Mexico for a long honeymoon.  I think they are going for three weeks!  He has lots of family there to visit and I guess it is beautiful.  It was fun to get a little peek into the Mexican culture.  Although Aleisis is an all American guy, his grandparents are from Mexico.  And the temple ceremony was kind of special as Aleisis' brother translated the service and all that was spoken into Spanish.  It kind of slowed things down and gave us time to ponder.  The Spirit was very present and strong.  The remainder of the day was filled with a ring ceremony for the relatives that couldn't go in the temple, and then a really fun reception....lots of dancing and good food....and lots of people!!!! We left early...about 10.  I think it went on until midnight when they had to be out of the building.
Sunday was special too.  We went to a ward that was near our motel in Bellevue.  The bishop was Bishop Hunt.  He said he was from St. George...and that it was the first time since he had moved to Seattle that the weather was warm enough!  He had the nicest smile...and used it a lot.  I think he set the tone for the meeting because it was very joyful.  I love meeting people who seem to radiate the joy of the gospel.
Well, I suppose life will return to normal...whatever that may be.  It seems that it is a little more unpredictable than in the past.  I hope all is well in cyberspace.  I wish all a very, merry and happy evening!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I can relate to feeling tired after a trip. You think you are going to have rest and relaxation on the vacation and it is nice; but we still are tired when we get home. I think age has something to do with it.
I really did like your painting so I will love seeing how you progress on this new method.
The wedding sounded really lovely. I would have loved a three week honeymoon. We started out with a 7 days and stretched to 10.
My husband and enjoy visiting other wards when traveling; it is always a sweet experience.
Happy you are home and blessings and hugs!