Monday, July 20, 2015

White bread and a Kitten

Hola!  I'm having a low energy day today. My daughter Julie and her husband Randy and all their kids moved back to Idaho from Oklahoma this last weekend. It's so great to have them back. But I may have over done it a little. I've been so tired today. I'm trying to make up for my laziness. I decided I could make bread and then sit around waiting for it to rise. It helps me to feel like a real homemaker...even though I haven't done so great today. 
It smells wonderful!
The other new thing in my life is a kitten. It was living outside with her mom. But the mom got run over and so I decided to bring the kitten inside. She's pretty cute...very snugly. Mostly she sleeps. Her sibling went to another home a couple of weeks ago. So she is all alone. And I enjoy the company. Our dog Buddy is too big for the house. And he chews EVERYTHING!!!  So I am enjoying this little kitten. 
And that's about it. I'm having a good day except for the lack of energy. I hope all is well with you and yours!!  HAVVVGreat FHE!!!!  Melody 


LeAnn said...

I hope you energy improves. I have those up and down moments. I love that you now have your daughter's family back home. I can almost smell the homemade bread from here. Maybe I will make some soon; I need to feel like a homemaker once in a while.

singing/granny said...


singing/granny said...

I guess the smiley faces don't work on here. Anyway I'm smiling from your comment. We're all in this together!