Monday, August 10, 2015

A New Week

Good day!  Yesterday was an interesting day.  Mel and I were assigned to speak at the Idaho prison.  I did not really know what to expect.  And I was a little nervous.  But all went well.  We first spoke in the Women's facility at the meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The women who came to the meeting were not what I expected.  They did not seem like hardened criminals.  In fact quite the opposite.  The spirit was very strong.  I used the talk I mentioned earlier to support my ideas, and I mentioned that.  After the meeting one of the ladies who I spoke to said she had lived next door to Elder Eyring when she was younger, and that he was indeed a man to look up to.  She said he had such a loving spirit about him.  I told her that I thought it was because he was a true follower of Christ.  And she agreed.  All of the women talked with us after the meeting.  I found them to be honestly sincere in their desire to live righteously.
After the first meeting we were escorted to the maximum security facility for men and we spoke at an LDS meeting for them.  I was a little more nervous, but again the spirit was really strong, and I only felt compassion and love for these sweet men.  I am sure they too were seeking to find peace and reassurance in that very guarded and scary place.  I was glad to speak with them and visit with them after the meeting.  But I was very glad that I didn't have to stay.  How hard it must be to be a prisoner!  It made me very glad to be free, and determined to live my life so that I would never be a this life or the next.  I am so glad for the atonement of Jesus Christ that allows us to escape the terrible consequences of our own sins if we will repent.
The rest of the day was rather uneventful.  I had three people come to choir practice...and one of them was Mel.  That might have been discouraging, but I felt very uplifted from the experience at the prison, and it did not seem so awful.
Today I am looking forward to a swim class I am beginning....Twinges in Hinges.  It is for people who are fighting arthritis and other ailments.  I certainly qualify!  I hope it is something I can do.  I think it would be good for me.
The other big event is that we are signing papers for a lease of a new building for Mel's business.  It is about three times larger than his current place...and three times more expensive.  It makes us both a little nervous, but we are cramped for space in our current place, and we continue to grow.  Did I mention that one of our customers was on Shark Tank?  It has made his business take off. Here's a link to a clip from the episode.  It is Melni Connectors.  You can get an idea of what it does.  Mark Cuban is sponsoring his venture, so he has working capital.  I think it is exciting for him...and probably will cause our business to grow too.  Anyway, I hope it all works.
And that is all.  I am glad for a new week.  I hope all is happy and bright where ever you may find yourself today!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I had thought that you would enjoy the prison experience. When we were on our Inner City Mission there were couples assigned to the prison and they always felt it was a great experience. I can't imagine being in prison either. We can be so graterful for the atonement.
Sorry, about the choir practice. I think Summer is always hard; I think our choir struggles also. For the size of the ward it is pretty small. I am sure you will start to see an increase in members of the choir.
I think my husband and I should sign up for a swim class.
I am sure your business will continue to thrive.
Blessings and hugs for you two!