Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gifts of the Spirit

Greetings!  I am getting things in order for tomorrow...Sunday.  Mel and I have been asked to speak at the prison tomorrow, so I have been preparing my talk.  I am leaning heavily on a talk given by President Eyring called "Gifts of the Spirit for Hard Times."  We were asked to speak on the gifts of the Spirit.  I will make it a link so you can read what Pres. Eyring has to say on the topic.  I thought it was so inspired!  I love to hear him speak.
I also have choir practice tomorrow.  We have not had any practices for a couple of months, since my own life has been so busy, and also my pianist's life.  I had a wedding in June, she had two or three family reunions in July.  So we have had a little break.  I hope we can get a good group for singing this month.
We spent last night up in Cascade at the Ashley Inn.  Our empty nesters' group had a gathering up at a ranch in Cascade.  It's a large house, but it was pretty full, so we roughed it at the Inn.  Actually it is hardly roughing it.  It is beautiful, and I love going there.  After breakfast with the gang, we drove up to McCall and spent a couple of hours on the shore of Payette Lake seeking inspiration and working on our talks.
 I am so glad we could do that.  I feel like we got some good ideas and help.  I need to get up to the beach/forest every once in a while to sort of get centered and to keep things in their proper perspective.  The temple also does that for me.  I think it is a way to feel closer to the Creator.
I have had a good week and weekend.  But I am a little sleepy.  We have to be at the prison by 8:15 tomorrow morning and it is about a 45 minute drive.  So I had better get to bed soon.  I hope all is well and happy where ever you may be.  Take care and have a good night!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Wow, I will look forward to reading in a few moments how the talks at the prison went.
Have fun getting back into the choir.
I loved what your Empty nest group does; it sounds so fun.
Loved reading this one!