Monday, September 28, 2015

Mountains and Glaciers

Amgiichxizax̂!  That's Eskimo for Good Evening!  I have been painting today for my class, and the scene looks like it must be somewhere in Alaska.  It's not nearly finished, but I am having fun with it.  I don't get graded:)  I am learning to paint in layers....sort of.  It is fun because the teacher paints for us, and then comes around and shows us how he did it.  I guess I probably frustrate him a little, because I paint slow, and I change it a little.  Anyway, here it is so far.  The bright green and blue will disappear in the next few weeks.

I am glad to be taking this class.  I feel like I am at least doing something with my painting.  It is a little hard to find the time to paint in between all of the other things I do.  The laundry and dishes don't go away!  And I am also trying to declutter my house.  And all the while my knees are hurting, so I have to take it easy.  I try to be good and put my legs up every day.  And I am exercising quite regularly now, so that is an improvement!  And I am still helping at Mel's work.  
Well, I mostly just wanted to share.  I hope all is happy and well!  Take care!  Melody

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Guten Abend!  I guess the day is almost done...gone the sun.  It has been a good day for the most part.  I guess I have felt a little sad...remembering our Tommy.  I found this picture of him and used it for my profile picture on Facebook.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, so I thought instead of a superhero, I would post my superhero.  He was an amazing little boy.  This picture was taken when he was four....right before he had major surgery.  He was showing us his muscles..."like Popeye!"  He loved Popeye.  He didn't like spinach much though.  I have been thinking of him all day.  I still miss him and wonder what he is doing in the spirit world.  I wish I could get a letter!  I love him so much!!!!  Anyway, it  is all good.  I know I will see him again.  And I am so grateful for that.  But I also know that I will miss him until I do.  It can't be helped. :)

In other news, I went to a volleyball game that our granddaughter Josie played in.  She did well, but the team lost.....not by much.  2 points.  She was quite sad.  I told her how proud I was of her, and that I would love to be able to jump and reach and run the way she did.  I guess she thought that was pretty funny because it cheered her up a little.  It is true though.  I really do wish I could still do those things!  Luckily I have proof that I once our family movies!  Ha, ha!  I really love those!
So I guess the football game is over!  I hear Mel stirring in the next room.  So....have a good night!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Middle of the Night Reconciliations

So I am up....early.  It is 1:40 am here.  I just couldn't sleep, which is a common ailment among us older citizens I suppose.  I hate just laying in bed, tossing and turning, so I got up.  I find it's a good time to do things like reconcile my bank statement.  My head is pretty clear and I can be patient with no pending appointments or obligations.  It usually is not a big deal to reconcile things, but I got a new version of Quicken in April and it wouldn't work right.  I called the company and spoke with someone who really didn't speak English very well.  He walked me through everything for about an hour, and then said it would have to go to a higher level because there was something wrong with the program.  It has taken a couple of months, but it is finally working, although I have had to be patient with the program as the balance was off.  But I think I have solved the problem now.  At least I hope so.  I guess it is worth it to be up.  I am still deciding that.
I did have a good day.  Although when I went into work, Mel was having a hard day.  One of the machines had malfunctioned and it was a mess I guess.  So he spent a couple of hours getting everything working again.  I know it is hard for him to crawl around machines, adjusting molds and plastic feeders and getting everything to run smoothly.  He does have good employees, but often he is the only one with enough experience to troubleshoot what is wrong.  He is hoping to automate a lot more as he can afford to bring in robotics.  We saw such amazing things when we went to the Plastic Convention in Anaheim.  They have robots that are highly skilled at doing things so quickly.  And it is safer too.  We have been fortunate with only a few minor accidents.  But the danger is always there with big machines that someone will get hurt.  So I am anxious to automate more and eliminate some of that danger.
I took Mel to lunch as I often do.  It is my feeling that it is a good break for him and gives us some time to enjoy each other's company.  And we can talk and figure out the latest crisis in business or family.  It is nice when everything is running smoothly in both areas.  But when it's not, we can usually figure out a game plan together to make things better.  We don't always solve problems, but at least we get on the same page.
Well, I think I am rambling a bit.  So I guess I will head back to a dream place.  Nighty night!  Melody

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marching Onward!

Bon jour!  I hope it is. Things seem to be speeding along rather quickly. Yesterday was especially full with exercise, then visiting teaching and then a new art class I am taking. It is mostly a class to get me painting. And it was difficult techniques. The teacher is self taught. But I like his work and I think I can learn from him. We are all painting the same picture. There were only 3 students. He has two other classes. The room can only accommodate four people with all the supplies it takes. I'm thinking I could do this if I ever needed to make some moolah.  
Anyway I'm enjoying life. We had a stake conference Saturday and Sunday. The main messages were on family counsels and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We have good leadership in our stake. They are very dedicated and sincere and humble men. I think they really help to strengthen the families in our stake. And it seems these times are hard on families. 
Mel has still not moved his business into the new building. It seems the city is very slow getting the building passed for occupancy. It is looking like we will finally get to move in by the 1st of October. It's not easy. Besides moving 5 huge injection presses and several large machining tools, they also have to get all the electricity hooked up which in itself will take a few days. So Mel is trying to get it all coordinated so that there isn't too much down time for the business. I kind of worry about how the stress is getting to him. It's not easy being the one in charge. Sigh!
But life marches on. I met a lady in my swim class yesterday. She looks about 70 but she told me she is 80!  She was so nice. We talked a lot about her husband and their health. She was concerned as everyone seems to be as we grow older about what the future had in store for them. She was very positive though and happy. And I was impressed by her good attitude. I hope I am still that active at 80!
Anyway I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace. Keep your stick on the ice!  And HAVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hola!  It's been a busy day!  I had my swim class to begin the day. I think I am getting stronger!  And I am definitely looking forward to it now. So that's progress!
My visiting teachers came this morning. That's always nice. They are so encouraging. I appreciate their good natures. 
After they left I took lunch to Mel. He had asked me to buy some paint at the hardware store on the way...which I did. But I also got a stainless steel water bath canner. I'm excited for that. My old one was the regular kind and didn't work on my glass top stove. So after lunch I came home and canned a small box of tomatoes that my neighbor had given me. It worked great!  So I think I will head over to the orchards near by and see about peaches and apples. Maybe tomorrow. I haven't canned for quite a while because of my stove. Anyway I am quite happy about my new acquisition. 
We watched the republican debates this evening.  I really like.... Dr. Ben Carson!  Such a reasonable intelligent man!  I'm very disappointed that Donald Trump seems so popular. He is not my idea of a leader. I'm not sure he isn't on the Clintons payroll. Every time he speaks he helps Hillarys campaign!
Anyway I probably better get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day!  GN!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I think I got this picture to work. This was taken at my grandsons wedding. He was excited to be married in front of this little chapel originally built in 1899. 

I'm so happy for him. I hope all goes well. 
So it's late. I just wanted to include a photo here for posterity. GN!  Me

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Good Sabbath!   I have have been having a good Sabbath...thanks to BYUTV!  I've listened to President Monson speak, the Tabernacle Choir sing, enjoyed a worship service, listened to speakers from Women's Conference and generally enjoyed the Spirit here at home.  We have a late starts at 1 pm here.  So it is nice to have a TV station that brings a good feeling into our home.  Mel has meetings on Sunday morning too.  So I like having the TV on.  I am still not fond of a silent house!!!  I suppose I should put a link to that.  So here it is.  BYU TV
We have stake choir practice after our meetings today....then home teachers.  So it has been kind of a nice relaxing morning.  Things will pick up very soon.
Our grandson's wedding was very nice yesterday.  It was really sunny and hot to begin with, but as the evening wore on and the sun went down it was quite pleasant.  I am happy for him and his new wife.  I tried to upload a photo, but the internet is not cooperating. :(
Well, I guess I had better wake Mel up (he's sleeping in front of the TV), and head out.  Have a great Sabbath Day!!!  Melody

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thankful for Friday

So today is almost over. A sad day of remembrance for America. But tomorrow is almost here...a happy day for our grandson Ricky.  He will be marrying his sweetheart Brooke. I'm happy for them. It makes me think of my own wedding day. How young we were!  And so excited to start our family!  We had little idea of what that meant. So many things to learn!  Looking back I remember mostly the good times. But we've certainly had our share of difficulties!  And I suppose maybe that is good. We have certainly grown closer as a couple and as a family. I'm glad for family celebrations!
Today I have been thinking a lot about aging...probably because I am:). But also because of my dad dealing with very old age. So it seemed appropriate to watch "The Age of Adeline".   Not the best movie but certainly thought provoking. It made me realize how natural it is to grow older. Poor Adeline didn't and it made for a lonely life. So I guess I'll try not to complain. I'm still a youngster after all!
So here's hoping that life is good in your neck of cyberspace!  HAGW!!!!  Melody

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mending Hearts

Good morning!  I am being a little lazy today.  Our rec center closed for a remodel so I can't swim for a few days.  It is kind of nice:)
Yesterday was book club.  I love getting together with these old friends.  We have all moved from the places where we first began twenty five or so years ago....except for two.  They still live in their original homes.  The rest of us have moved all over the valley....and one even moved to McCall.  She still comes when she can.  Although she said she would be backpacking with the ladies in her ward this week!  She also said that their ward activities were more adventurous up there!  We do have an active empty nesters group....but thankfully not that active!  And it's a little sad.  I used to love hiking and even backpacking, though I was never too good at carrying a pack around.  Mel and I had to lead a bunch of young girls on a backpacking trek in the Sierras some years back.....way back.  We were in our early forties I guess.  It was fun and miserable.  Fun because the girls were great!  Miserable because we were ill prepared.  There were two other couples leading the girls with us.  One of them were really into backpacking and had dehydrated food and light backpacks.  The church had organized this...well, the young women leaders... and Mel had spaghetti sauce in his backpack....very heavy...enough for twenty girls...and no refrigeration.  So we hiked up with this and then had to throw it out because we were afraid it got too hot hiking.  The girls had to eat what they had brought.  I don't remember too much else about the trek....just that I felt so unprepared.  We were three days with those girls and then another five days in camp.  It was pretty tiring!  There's more to the story but none I care to share.  :)
So back to book club.  We read "The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances".  The story is about the Nazi U-boats that were in the Gulf of Mexico during WWII.  And about a couple of Germans who ended up on the good, one evil.  I loved the story.  And the author claims it is true.  It was very good about how important it is to forgive that your own soul does not canker.  Pretty good advice!!!  We had such a good discussion!  I love that these women think!!!  I am impressed with how each one of them has grown and matured in the time we have been friends.  Each one of them has had their own set of challenges....and continue to of course as each of us grows older.      Life is definitely a challenge.  And I think it is excellent advice to learn to forgive others.  We only hamper our own growth when we harbor ill will.
Well, I guess I had better get on with my day.  I hope all is happy and bright out in cyberspace!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVGrrrrrrrrreatDay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Good morning!  It is a beautiful day here.  I am getting ready to go to work.  I have a few more things to do here at home....laundry and dishes always!
Yesterday was a nice Labor Day.  Mel went with me to my swim aerobics class.  He got a good workout he said.   It does require a little work.  I especially notice my shoulders and arms get tired.  But I suppose that is good.  It was lots of fun having Mel there.  We both took a nap later on.  I had some visiting teaching to do first, and he had some designs to do for work.  But then we were able to just relax and spend the rest of the day enjoying each other's company.  I am lucky to have such a good husband.  I can truly say I love him with all my heart!!!  And I feel so blessed to be able to spend as much time as we do together.  I like that he owns his own business and that I can be a help there.
I think today is a good day to be thankful.  I am so thankful for so many things.  Family first of course.  Good friends.  A comfortable home and beautiful surroundings.  Freedom to worship according to the dictates of my own conscience.  Faith in the atonement.  I am so grateful for the Savior and His willingness to forgive.
So I hope today finds you well wherever you may be in cyberspace.  "I'm still pulling for you.  We're all in this together. " (Just a little quote from the Red Green Show.)  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!  Melody

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Blessed Day

Good Sabbath!  It looks like a beautiful day here.  The air is clear and the sun is out.  I feel like the Lord is blessing us in so many ways!
We did find a woman to go in each day and help my dad and Barb with cooking and cleaning...and laundry and dishes of course.  I am glad my dad will have some help!  He has been doing so much for his sweet wife, but he needs to let someone else do some of the work.  He is remarkable for 92!  I am glad he is doing so well.
I have no Sunday responsibilities today.  Stake choir is practicing for stake conference, so we can't practice our ward choir until after the conference.  Then it will be the general conference and primary programs competing for time in September and October.  We are scheduled to sing in October sometime.  I hope we can work it all out.  Our piano player will be gone the last two weeks in October.  So we shall see. I need to meet with the ward music chairman and get this worked out.  I'm sure we can figure things out.
Mel and I drove out to Wilder to visit with our daughter Julie and her husband Randy and their seven kids last evening.  It was fun.  We went to the Idaho Pizza in Homedale and then after to the Frosty Palace where they serve all kinds of ice cream treats....the favorite being a Pink Lady.  The kids had fun figuring out their own concoctions.  Mel and I settled for an ice cream cone.  It is so fun to see them.  I am sooooooo glad they moved back from Oklahoma.  And it's official....Julie is having another boy!  I am thrilled!
So life goes on....way too quickly.  I am enjoying it for the most part.  I wish that I could do more to help people who are suffering in the world.  It seems like there is so little we can do.  But I was reminded of the blessings of  fast offerings by this talk by Elder Eyring.“IS NOT THIS THE FAST THAT I HAVE CHOSEN?”  I am glad the Lord organizes His people to help each other.  And I am glad it is fast Sunday.  A quote from Pres. Kimball:  “Rich promises are made by the Lord to those who fast and assist the needy. … Inspiration and spiritual guidance will come with righteousness and closeness to our Heavenly Father. To omit to do this righteous act of fasting would deprive us of these blessings.”  I know that is true!
I hope all is happy and well with you and yours wherever you are in this wide world.  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!!!  Have a great day!!!!!!!  Melody

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Bit of Ranting

A Merry Good Evening to you!  I'm sitting in the car outside of Mel's shop...waiting. He is doing some magic to his machines. He usually has an answer for every problem. I think he is just adjusting things so that all is ready in the morning for another job they are starting. 
So I am in the car. I read Facebook for a while. It's interesting to see what people are up to. But I think the migration problems in Hungary and Greece from Syria have me thinking life is very easy here and I don't like when people are so absorbed in silly dessert recipes and nail decorations. I want to help those poor stranded people!  So I don't enjoy reading Facebook as much. 
I keep wondering why any person who needs food, shelter and a bit of space on this earth would be denied those things. I feel like that is just wrong!
Anyway...I guess I'll get down from my soap box and wish you all a safe and happy night. Take care!  We're all in this together!  Melody

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Almost Sleeping

Good evening!  It is late here. But I am not sleepy yet. I am tired though so I am hoping that I will get sleepy by blogging. 
Today has been a good day. I went to my aerobics swim class this morning. It is fun but I definitely get a workout!  I feel good I am doing this. It was slow starting but I think I can stick with it. 
After lunch with Mel I had a hair appointment....then went shopping...and then came home...exhausted!!!  It bothers me that I have so little energy. But I suppose I will get a little more as I continue to exercise. At least I can hope. 
I don't think that I have a great deal to say tonight. I just needed to clear my mind.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!!!  Good night!!!  Me

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Good evening!  I am home now.  We had a lovely time at the coast.  And a great time visiting my dad.  Although it is hard to see him growing older.  And Barbara seems rather uncomfortable with her pulmonary fibrosis.  She is in the last stages of the disease and it is hard for her.  And hard for my dad, too.  We thought we had arranged for some care to come and cleaning.  But I just found out that that has fallen through.  The lady got another job that she had applied we will have to find someone else.  It is a little town and not a lot of help available.
Do I sound discouraged?  I am.  I don't like being so far away from my dad.  And it makes it difficult to be helpful.  There....I am done ranting.  I will get on with solving the problem.
So we did have a lovely time at the ocean.  I took some photos, but Mel took better ones.  When he gets home from work I will download some.  Here are a couple I took.

So I hope all is happy and bright in your part of cyberspace!  Take care and remember to keep your stick on the ice!!!!  Melody