Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hola!  It's been a busy day!  I had my swim class to begin the day. I think I am getting stronger!  And I am definitely looking forward to it now. So that's progress!
My visiting teachers came this morning. That's always nice. They are so encouraging. I appreciate their good natures. 
After they left I took lunch to Mel. He had asked me to buy some paint at the hardware store on the way...which I did. But I also got a stainless steel water bath canner. I'm excited for that. My old one was the regular kind and didn't work on my glass top stove. So after lunch I came home and canned a small box of tomatoes that my neighbor had given me. It worked great!  So I think I will head over to the orchards near by and see about peaches and apples. Maybe tomorrow. I haven't canned for quite a while because of my stove. Anyway I am quite happy about my new acquisition. 
We watched the republican debates this evening.  I really like.... Dr. Ben Carson!  Such a reasonable intelligent man!  I'm very disappointed that Donald Trump seems so popular. He is not my idea of a leader. I'm not sure he isn't on the Clintons payroll. Every time he speaks he helps Hillarys campaign!
Anyway I probably better get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day!  GN!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I really think my husband and i need to take up swimming for exercise. He had surgery recently and some other stuff going on so we will see. Also, we have mission papers in to serve mission here at home.
I haven't canned for years but I do remember how great it felt to have bottles of fruit that I did. Have fun doing that one.