Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Good evening!  I am home now.  We had a lovely time at the coast.  And a great time visiting my dad.  Although it is hard to see him growing older.  And Barbara seems rather uncomfortable with her pulmonary fibrosis.  She is in the last stages of the disease and it is hard for her.  And hard for my dad, too.  We thought we had arranged for some care to come in....cooking and cleaning.  But I just found out that that has fallen through.  The lady got another job that she had applied for...so we will have to find someone else.  It is a little town and not a lot of help available.
Do I sound discouraged?  I am.  I don't like being so far away from my dad.  And it makes it difficult to be helpful.  There....I am done ranting.  I will get on with solving the problem.
So we did have a lovely time at the ocean.  I took some photos, but Mel took better ones.  When he gets home from work I will download some.  Here are a couple I took.

So I hope all is happy and bright in your part of cyberspace!  Take care and remember to keep your stick on the ice!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Happy you had such a good time on the coast. I am sorry that you are having a struggle getting help for your Dad. It is hard to live for a way from parents that need help. I have been there.
Blessings and hugs!