Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Middle of the Night Reconciliations

So I am up....early.  It is 1:40 am here.  I just couldn't sleep, which is a common ailment among us older citizens I suppose.  I hate just laying in bed, tossing and turning, so I got up.  I find it's a good time to do things like reconcile my bank statement.  My head is pretty clear and I can be patient with no pending appointments or obligations.  It usually is not a big deal to reconcile things, but I got a new version of Quicken in April and it wouldn't work right.  I called the company and spoke with someone who really didn't speak English very well.  He walked me through everything for about an hour, and then said it would have to go to a higher level because there was something wrong with the program.  It has taken a couple of months, but it is finally working, although I have had to be patient with the program as the balance was off.  But I think I have solved the problem now.  At least I hope so.  I guess it is worth it to be up.  I am still deciding that.
I did have a good day.  Although when I went into work, Mel was having a hard day.  One of the machines had malfunctioned and it was a mess I guess.  So he spent a couple of hours getting everything working again.  I know it is hard for him to crawl around machines, adjusting molds and plastic feeders and getting everything to run smoothly.  He does have good employees, but often he is the only one with enough experience to troubleshoot what is wrong.  He is hoping to automate a lot more as he can afford to bring in robotics.  We saw such amazing things when we went to the Plastic Convention in Anaheim.  They have robots that are highly skilled at doing things so quickly.  And it is safer too.  We have been fortunate with only a few minor accidents.  But the danger is always there with big machines that someone will get hurt.  So I am anxious to automate more and eliminate some of that danger.
I took Mel to lunch as I often do.  It is my feeling that it is a good break for him and gives us some time to enjoy each other's company.  And we can talk and figure out the latest crisis in business or family.  It is nice when everything is running smoothly in both areas.  But when it's not, we can usually figure out a game plan together to make things better.  We don't always solve problems, but at least we get on the same page.
Well, I think I am rambling a bit.  So I guess I will head back to a dream place.  Nighty night!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I hate it when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. I don't think I could reconcile anything at that time of morning. I like that you go out to lunch and help each other figure things out. I love doing that.