Sunday, October 18, 2015


Good Sabbath!  The weather is changing here today.  It's a good thing from all reports.  We are supposed to get a lot of rain, which hopefully will put out the fire near Idaho City that has brought so much smoke to our valley.  I am glad.  I like clean air, which we get most of the time.
I found this picture on Facebook.
I love it!  But it also makes me a little sad.  I miss all of the good men that have passed on to the other side of the veil.  In my memory there are quite a few.  One of my favorite was Hugh B. Brown.  And of course I loved President David O. McKay.  I went to the viewing when he died.  It was amazing that the line was so long!  He was loved.
My dear friend, Joann Chipman passed away yesterday morning.  She was in our ward in Boise, and also a member of my bookclub.  She will be so missed.  She was lots of fun...cheery and bright.  She had dealt with many things, including the passing of her husband several years ago.  So I think she is happy to have joined him.  And her parents.  She always talked of them fondly.
I never used to think much about dying.  That has changed since I had my near miss with the pulmonary embolism.  I think how little time there is left and I hope I can finish the work I am here to do.  I really have a feeling I need to get back into family history work.  I have tried a few times, but I get kind of bogged down when I try to research my dad's line.  I need to visit the family history library and get some help.  I am sure that much can be done.  So.....Tuesday.  I will go on Tuesday and see what I can accomplish.  Maybe every Tuesday, until I know how to do it on my own.  I think there is a class.  I will see.
I feel like painting is another area I need to pursue.  I am a little.  And I have a class coming up in Salt Lake City from Nov.30 to December 5.  I am excited to take this class as it is with the same man who I took from in the Spring.  He is so knowledgeable about naturalistic painting.  He really knows how to mix paint and also how to draw.  He is 82 and travels around the country giving classes.  I figure I'd better learn from him while he is still able to do that.
Anyway, I'd better get on with my morning.  I hope that you have a lovely Sabbath Day where ever you may find yourself on this amazing planet!  Melody

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Mom of 12 said...

I think it is difficult every time we lose one of our beloved apostles. They are almost like family. Condolences on the loss of your dear friend.