Monday, October 5, 2015

Tater Tots

So once again I am up when I should be asleep.  I guess this is more normal than I wish to admit.  But it's a good time to blog.  So here goes.
We had a good Sunday.  It was so nice to watch conference, but we had a call in the middle of the morning session that we were needed as grandparents, so we left to get our sweet grandson Taylor.  He is such an amazing young man!  And we had a lovely rest of the day with him to keep us company.  He is still full of information.  And I enjoy hearing it.  He was talking about world leaders and how he didn't like Hitler.  He said, "Hitler was a democrat!"  I said, "Oh, maybe you mean he was a demagogue, or a despot, or some other d word."  He said, "No, I'm pretty sure he was a democrat.  He was really bad."  I said, "Well, a democrat is someone who believes that everyone should have a say in the government."  And he said, "Oh."  Mel said, "Maybe you mean a dictator."  Tay said, "Yes, that's it!  A dictator!"  Then Mel got a little grin on his face.  "You know what they call a dictator's children?" Taylor looked puzzled.  "No."  Mel laughed and then said, "Tater tots!"  We all laughed at that one.  He does keep us laughing!  The grandkids especially like to talk with him.  He makes up funny tales.  The other day he and Ellen were talking about the car next to us in traffic.  Ellen thought it was crazy that the license plate was from Texas.  Mel said, "They must be Texa-gees (like refugees)."  And he and Ellen made up a whole dialogue about those poor Texagees and how hard it would be to have to relocate in another state.  Just silly talk....and I love it.  One of my favorite children's books is "Rain Makes Applesauce" where they talk about silly talk.  That's a good read.
So I especially was impressed with President Monson in conference.  He is similar to my dad in age.  I know how hard it must be for him to stand and speak.  He is amazing to even attempt it, and he did so well.  I worried he might faint on the stand.  I was glad that he made it through both talks.  He still has such a powerful message.  He is a great leader.
I also enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about mothers.  He sure knows how to speak!  Here's a link. Elder Holland  I am so glad for inspired leaders.
Well, I guess I will go try to get some sleep before I have to be up for the day.  Adios!  Melody


LeAnn said...

I loved the conversation with you grandson. I think your husband sounds like a very fun grandfather. Hope you have a sweet day tomorrow. Hugs~

singing/granny said...

Thank you. Congratulations on your mission call! We plan to do that in a few years. I'm happy for you!