Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Good morning!  I'm sitting in the Les Schwab waiting area while my tires are being rotated. Exciting stuff!  We are going to see my dad in Oregon this weekend so I am also going to get the oil changed after this. I'm looking forward to a break. And I miss my dad so much. His wife is really sick so they don't get out. It's hard for them both. I'm hoping we can take him on a ride and maybe get him out of the house for a while. 
I am gradually setting up my art studio/reception area at the shop. I found this cool old desk that is perfect for holding all my stuff. And I brought my easel and tabouret down. I'm still not sure what to work on. I'm still a little nervous for others to see my work. I guess I need a little more of that tough rhinoceros hide. But I will be brave. 
So now I am at the oilers...Eisteins. It's kind of fun. They have a whole routine for show that is pretty entertaining. 
So I guess that's life today. Hope all is happy and bright for you!  Melody


Jeri Pettingill said...

It was so fun to have some of my daughters with me on Sunday and see that you did too. I'm sure you love that as much as I do. I appreciated the lovely choir number too. Thanks for writing your blog. I enjoy your comments on life even when I am nearby and not far away in another country.

singing/granny said...

I enjoyed seeing your daughters with you too. I always wish we lived on a big hacienda type place so we could do more together. I'm glad you enjoyed the choir number. And I'm very glad you are not in a far away country!

LeAnn said...

Have a safe trip seeing your Dad and enjoy the moments on this one. I will look forward to when you are painting again; I love your work. I think others will too.
Blessings and hugs~!