Thursday, November 19, 2015


Good morning!  I realized this morning that I never posted the finished painting from my class.  I guess I am not really very pleased with this painting....mostly because it looks to me like a made up place. Things do not look like they really exist.  My teacher said it was a place in his mind.  And I guess I prefer real places...and references.  I have to admit that I did learn quite a bit, just not happy with the end result.  Which makes me think I have made progress...because now I do come up with paintings that I like the end result.  Anyway here it is.

I have been so busy watching Julie's five kids.  Julie and Randy and their other two kids came home yesterday, and it is amazing how quiet it is around here again.  I kind of like it.  But it was lots of fun here with all of the children and their enthusiasm.  I think I am definitely past the child rearing time of my life though.  I felt like I was constantly working....which is exactly what a mother does.  I am always surprised when someone comments, "No, she doesn't have a job.  She's a stay at home mom." It's the hardest, most constant job I have ever had.  I really don't think you realize that if you have never experienced it.
So now my focus has turned back to the normal things of my life...bills, dishes, laundry, swimming, painting, etc.  And there's the Christmas program for church.  It has me a little worried.  I am not a naturally organized person.  I really have to work at being organized.  And so I am a little overwhelmed right now with getting everything done for the Sacrament meeting program.  I have a good program, but making all of the assignments is slow.  I'll be glad when I have this done.
Well, I guess I will get on with my day.  I hope all is well in cyberspace.  Take care!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I really like this painting; you are very good. I know just how you feel when you watch your grandchildren and then they go home. It is fun while they are there but lots of week and then there is a relief moment when you are back to your regular life. Blessings and hugs!