Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ain't Life Grand!

Hola!  I am happy to be home this evening.  But it has been a great day!  It started with a Christmas breakfast party for Book Club at Marie Callendar's.  We had fun visiting.  One of my friends told us a funny story.  She had been asked a couple of months ago to speak at the stake Relief Society Christmas dinner.  But in the mean time her life has been filled with all of the normal and even a few unusual happenings of life, and she forgot.  She went to the dinner totally unprepared to speak.  But being the amazing person that she is, she spoke anyway on the assigned topic of shepherds in Israel.  Luckily it was a topic she has some knowledge of.  But she felt bad that she hadn't been reminded of the event and her part in it.  Then she found out she had been reminded several times....on Facebook. And unfortunately it isn't a place she visits very I guess the moral of the story is....if you want those 60 and older to be notified of anything, Facebook is not a reliable messenger!
We also talked about how we are all growing older rather quickly...and we should plan now to be in the same assisted living we can still hold book club! :)  I guess it would make it much nicer to be in a place where you had friends.
We had fun sharing Christmas stories, but the best one was written by a friend of ours...Renee Hawkley.  She wrote a book about Mom throwing spaghetti...a personal experience of mine.
But she has written many other things.  This short essay was about what would Mary do if she was living in the 21st century.  It was very tongue in cheek, and we all had a good laugh. But it made me think how very thankful I am that Mary accepted her calling as the mother of Christ.  She was a noble woman!
It was a good reminder.
I intended to paint a little today.  But instead I went with Mel to get parts for a machine.  I am glad I can do that.  And I will get back to my painting.  I think I need to think about it some more.  Originally I had intended to put many people in the painting.  But I kind of like how it creates a mood with only one person.  So I may perfect that person and add a dog, a log, and some seagulls.  Or not.  I definitely need to decide one way or another.
Tonight I think we will put out the Christmas decorations.  We have a concert or a play every other night.  It sure got busy around here!
So I hope all is happy and well out in cyberspace!   Melody

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