Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year ....2016!!!!

Happy New Year!  We're enjoying the relatively warm weather here in Oregon. The weatherman says it is record cold temps here but there is no snow and the grass is green and 30 degree temps don't seem that bad!  I really like it here!  It's even warmer by the coast...40's!  We'll have to take a drive over there soon. Maybe I can get some good reference pictures for painting!  
Right now we are watching Dick Clarks New Year celebration on tv. We all agree that we kind of prefer Big Band music. Oh well. I do like Pentatonix. I guess they come on next. I sure think the programs have become less entertaining!!!
So I hope wherever you are in this crazy world that you have a very merry new year.  Keep your stick on the ice!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

We are watching the new right now and then we will turn over to the New Year programs. Have a great time welcoming in the New Year. We are feeling blessed to have my daughter's family here to celebrate. We are able to take a little break from the missionary work.
Wishing Blessings for 2016!

Carolyn said...

I just read your posting and noticed you are from Idaho. I live in Nampa. I am in the process of starting my blog. I started it today. I know I need to change some things but I am hopeful I will stick with it. Learning a LOT!!!!

Do you have any suggestions?

singing/granny said...

Good luck! It's fun to blog and I find it is a good way to keep a history of my day to day life. I enjoy looking back and remembering things I might have forgotten.