Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Evening Post

Good evening!  I thought I would share an affirmative moment. It felt very good. We were at the empty nesters dinner tonight. There is a new lady in our ward from Walnut Creek who came tonight. I have really wanted to talk with her, especially since I found out she married one of the Pickett boys that I knew in San Lorenzo!  So we got talking and we found we had so much in common. We are both the same age, lived in many of the same places and both miss the ocean!  I told her I was working on a picture of the ocean and it helped a little. I showed her my latest progress picture. She said, Oh that's so beautiful!  Where is that?  ". I told her Sunset Bay and that I still wasn't finished painting it. Then she said, "You're painting this?  This is a painting?  I thought it was a photo!"  That made me feel rather good. I guess I enjoy it when other people like my work;). So I had to write it down so I don't forget!
It was sure a fun dinner!  It was 4 courses!  Soup, fruit salad, salmon with potatoes and veggies and homemade roll, and finally chocolate mousse. I only ate half of everything...except dessert:)
So now I am cooking eggs and potatoes for tomorrow when the missionaries come for dinner. It has to be made ahead as I have a short choir practice after church and the missionaries have a meeting at six. Anyway it should be fine. I am just nervous... I tend to be a worrier. 
So good night. I hope all is well in cyberspace!

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