Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shadowy progress

Good evening!  Things continue to be busy. That's good I think. Today I painted for a couple of hours. It may not seem like much progress, but it's a big hurdle for me. I got very nervous about getting the water right, especially the shadows. So that's pretty much all I did. It feels good like I got it right. So next is sand and people.
I am enjoying working on this painting. It reminds me of our family reunion that we had here and other trips we have taken to this area. I like feeling like I am painting a memory. 
I am saddened by a report of another shooting. It really does seem like something more should be done to prevent such incidents. I really don't understand why it keeps happening!
Anyway...I hope life is kind to you wherever you are in cyberspace. Keep your stick on the ice!!!

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