Thursday, February 25, 2016


Greetings!  It's been awhile since I have blogged. Life got so crazy!  But things seem to be settling back down. We are driving through Oregon today on our way back to my dads house in Sutherlin. We left about 10 this morning so we will be driving most of the day. I don't mind. I'm sitting in the back seat playing on my phone. Mel is driving and my dad is acting as co-pilot. It's kind of nice that they get along so well. 
We just passed a little worn out farm house. It looks like it will soon be crumbling in on itself. When I see old houses like that I always wonder what stories go along with it. I guess I like to make up stories about the people who might have lived there. Perhaps I will write down a story one of these days. 
So our nomadic lifestyle should be a little less nomadic. Barb moved into a care facility a couple of weeks ago. So we have moved into my Dads house with him. We came back to Idaho for a week to soften the blow a little. It's hard on my dad. But it kind of backfired as my dad got really sick with a flu virus. So he mostly slept and rested. He also had a skin cancer removed from his arm. He is doing well again and anxious to get back to his home in Sutherlin and close to Barb. 
I have been busy with my kids and grandkids. That's the hardest part about living in Oregon. We're too far away from all of them. But I will try to get better at communicating. I'm hoping we will get internet there this week!  That will make a huge difference. I feel like I live in the dark ages!  We have been using our phones as hotspots. But it's not great and our bill is going to be high!  So I am hoping it isn't too much longer for Internet to get connected. 
Perhaps this is a good place to explain that Sutherlin is a very small town...and not too well off. I'm still not sure why. There's a big lumber mill but it's very automated. I think people really struggle in this part of Oregon. 
Well I took off writing to drive for a couple of hours. I'd better sign off before it is my turn again!  HAVVVGW!!!

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LeAnn said...

Oh my you are going to be busy taking care of your sweet Dad and helping him visit with his Barb. You will always feel good about this decision. It will be a sweet experience. I know it must be hard to leave your home area for a while. The Internet will be a blessing to you for sure. I think you should do some painting while you are there. Will it work out well for your husband to be away from his business??
I think it is wonderful that he is with you.
I too look at older homes and wonder about the stories. I do believe that everyone has a story.
Well dear friend I will be praying for you all! Hugs~