Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Good merry morning!  Things continue to be interesting here.  For instance....the view.  I have a great view out my little RV window.  I must add that I am grateful for a warm place to sleep and all the conveniences of home.  And maybe we will be able to park where the view is a little more beautiful.  I think when the weather warms up a little here we could park at the beach for a few days.
Our ward here is very interesting.  I guess that Sutherlin is mostly a retired person's town.  I would not call it a retirement community though.  Our ward consists mostly of older people.  The primary is really small as are the youth groups.  Mel said there are three pages of high priests, though less than a dozen actually attend meetings.  I suppose many of them are like my dad, too old to come and sit that long.  We did take him to the movies yesterday though.  It was a coast guard movie about a tanker that split in two and the four men who braved the storm to rescue them.... " Finest Hours".  It was based on a true story.  It made me think how the Lord is mindful of all of us, whatever the situation.  I am so glad for that.
Today we will probably stick around the house and watch some more home movies.  My dad really likes to do that.  He also loves to eat at Red Robin which we have done too much of lately in my humble opinion.  But I keep reminding myself that if I were turning 93 on Sunday (which he is) I might like a dinner at Red Robin too.
Well, I mostly wanted to say, "Happy Groundhog Day".  It should be a good one here as it is always cloudy.  When the sun comes out Mel likes to say, "Not a cloud in the sky!" which really makes us all laugh.  I hope where ever life finds you that you have a very great day!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I do think that your sweet 93 year old father should do whatever he wants too. Red Robin sounds good to me. I will look forward to your post on his birthday activities. I find it fun to visit church in other areas. It is interesting to see how they differ. I think it sounds fun to have an RV and enjoy the scenery when you can. I hope you can park it near a beach. Continuing enjoying your moments with your Dad.
I think it is awesome that you are there with him.
Hugs for all and blessings too~