Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good Day

So I had a pretty good day today.  I went with the sister missionaries to visit a lady who is investigating the church.  She is excited about the gospel, and is going to be baptized a week from Saturday.  Her husband is already a member, though he has been inactive until recently when she became interested.  It was fun getting to know her.  I felt the spirit very strong.  I love missionary work.  It is nice that Mel is the new ward mission leader here in Sutherlin.  It makes it feel like we are on a mini mission while we are here helping my dad.
Barb is not doing too well.  I feel bad for her.  She mostly sleeps.  My dad visits a couple of times a day, but it is hard for him as she is usually asleep.  I think it is good we are here, as he would be pretty much alone in this if we weren't.  He has such a positive attitude.  It is inspiring to me.  He manages to find happiness in whatever he is doing.  It is a real gift!
My new calling is to teach the 12 & 13 year olds in Sunday school.  They are a good bunch of kids!  I am enjoying getting to know them.  It is fun to remember how new life felt back then.  And they have so much enthusiasm.  They are excited to learn.  I hope I can be an effective teacher!
Other than that life is pretty simple here.  Mel works on his design program...designing molds.  I work in the house...laundry, dishes, the usual.  Dad wakes up late.  He reads the paper, then I take him to see Barb.  Then we come back home and have lunch.  Sometimes we drive to Roseburg for a late lunch at Red Robin.  He doesn't seem to like any other restaurants here.  Then we come home and he takes a nap, or if not we watch news on TV.  Then we visit Barb.  Then we come back here and watch Jeopardy and news.  Sometimes a basketball game.  I often escape into our bedroom and do my own thing.  I brought my nice iMac, so I can watch Netflix, or follow Facebook.  I should have brought my Adobe sketch pad.  I brought my paints, but it is hard to paint here, as I have no space set aside.  I still have no idea how long we will be here.  I've just decided not to worry about it.  But I would like to be painting at least a little.  I feel a little like Alice when she couldn't find her muchness.  But I think I will work it out somehow.  Today was a good day.  I think I have to figure out meaningful pursuits....that is always the trick I guess.
Well, I hope all is well in cyberspace!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

Oh, my gosh it is just like you have moved to a new place. Getting church calling; is awesome. Have fun with those assignments. On our mission we work close with the Ward Mission Leaders. One of our main assignments is work with less actives. We do a lot of team teaching with the Elders which is fun.
I think it is so sweet that you are taking such good care of your Dad and helping him be ble to have sweet moments with his Barb. You are an awesome daughter and son in law. I love your positive attitude about it all.
I think it would be really neat if you could do some painting there. I imagine that there some great scenery to paint.
Keep enjoying your moments wit you are Dad you will always treasure them.
Blessings and hugs!

singing/granny said...

Thanks for the encouragement LeAnn. It looks like you are having another good missionary experience! You are a good influence on so many people! Hugs to you!!!l Melody