Monday, March 21, 2016

Moss Back

Good morning!  It is Monday and we have a list of things to accomplish today.  Foremost on the list for me is buying new sheets.  The kind on our bed here are the old fashioned kind with shallow corners.  We brought a memory foam topper for the mattress, but the sheets won't stay tucked in. :)  It's funny how very spoiled we are. I think we are learning to realize that here.  Sutherlin is a very depressed community economically speaking. I think many people here are barely making it, and many more are not.  We see many examples of people just getting by in the community.  I think the majority of homes are trailer many of them old and worn out.  The main source of income is probably logging and industry associated with that.  And logging is very regulated, so that many people have lost their livelihood.  It is evidence how important it is for people to have work to do.  I keep wondering how to help people.  I think having the gospel is a first step.  I am glad for the involvement we have with that.
It has been raining here a lot since we arrived.  I never realized how much rain there was in Oregon.  I was born in Portland, but only lived here a few months before my family moved back to the SF bay area.  My dad liked to tease me, that I was a "moss back"...born in Oregon.  I never really realized what that meant.  Now I do.  Moss grows everywhere!  It covers the trees, the bushes, and even grows in lawns like weeds.  The cracks in the sidewalk have moss too.  They have a product at the store to control the moss.  I am going to research it a little.  I remember seeing a program about intentionally growing moss as a ground cover.  It might be fun!
Well, I guess it's time to get on with my day.  Hope all is well in cyberspace!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I really liked reading your thoughts on the community you are living in. Yes, we are so spoiled with what we think we need and can't live without. How did our ancestors do it all. Living among those with less; is a real eye opener. At least it was for us when we served our Inner City Mission. Always, good to hear an update from you. Keep on enjoying your time with your father. Hugs~