Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Everyday miracles

Good merry morning!  It is foggy here this morning.  It is supposed to clear somewhat and give us a little sunshine.  I am glad for that.  The gray skies are a little depressing to me.  Actually the last week has been a bit depressing as my father's sweet wife continues to decline.  She is only awake for very brief times now.  She eats very little.  The hospice nurse noted that she has lost an inch and a half of muscle in her arms in the last month.  She is so thin it is shocking.  So the time is soon that she will pass from this earth to the next life.  It is hard on my dad.  He tries to be cheery, but when he is not engaged in conversation he seems to be sad and pensive.  He is very close with his sad feelings.  Every once in a while we talk about Barb, but I think he does not like to dwell on the sadness.  And he does a very good job of staying positive.  He loves to sing, "Young at Heart" and will often start singing it...where ever we happen to be.  The other day we were at the VA getting his hearing aids adjusted.  The technician took his hearing aids into the next room to work on them and he started singing....at the top of his voice, because without those hearing aids he cannot tell what his volume is.  It made us all laugh, even the tech in the next room.  I love my sweet father!  I am so glad I can be here with him.
I am amazed at how well things are working out for us here.  I know that the Lord is blessing us in so many ways.  I see His hand in our lives and the lives of our children.  The impression came to me the other day while I was praying, that the Lord loves my father very much, and that we are here because of that.  And it is true.  In so many ways we did not see how we could do this at first.  But all of the obstacles we thought we faced have disappeared.  Of course, Satan is always busy trying to put new things in our way, but I know we have angels that help us and watch over our family while we are gone.  It is very evident to me.  And it strengthens my testimony.  I feel like I have a little bit of an understanding of our pioneer ancestors, who despite their many hardships were blessed with what they required.  I love the movie "Seventeen Miracles".  It clearly shows how often the Lord's hand is there for each of us.
Every day brings the challenge of what fun thing to do with my dad.  Yesterday we drove to Myrtle Creek to check out the airport.  Mel is taking some refresher instruction for his pilot's license.  He is supposed to do practice landings in Myrtle Creek and is a little nervous about it.  The airport is known for having difficult cross winds for landing...which of course is why he needs to practice there.  Anyway, we had fun trying to find the airport.  It is tiny....at the end of a dead end road.  The runway is fine, but rather short.  I am glad he has an instructor with lots of experience.  It will keep him safe, and he will soon have some valuable experience himself.  He has always loved flying, and I am glad he has a chance to be up there in the sky.  The other morning I saw him up there as I was driving to Roseburg. It looked fun.  I hope I can keep that perspective when we fly together.  I tend to get a little airsick.  Except in open cockpits.  I keep telling him we should get an open cockpit bi-wing....but they are around $160,000, so that is probably not going to happen.  Besides it is hard on hair dos.
Well, I am getting a bit silly.  I hope all is happy and well for you out in cyberspace.  Take care and have a very, very, very gut wan!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am so happy that everything worked out for you to be with your father. You will never regret that you are doing this even if it is hard. I love that he sings out. My father used to do the same thing. He loved to sing; but didn't like to have too many people around. I loved the oldies songs that he would sing.
I am sad that your Dad is losing Barb. It's hard to fathom how difficult at his age it is to lose someone. It's just so good you are there to be with him.
I don't care for flying at all. I have to be in a very bug plane to even get in one. You are very brave and of course your husband even braver.
Sending loving thoughts your way!