Monday, November 21, 2016

Reporting In

Good morning!  I thought I would report in on my progress with my healthier way of eating.  I am now down to about a fourth of my diabetes medication.  And I have cut my blood pressure meds in half.  I can walk much more easily as my knees hurt much less.  I even started riding my stationary bike again!  And I am down 10 pounds.  So I think it is great!  And I have lots more energy and I seem to think clearer.  So Yay, Vegetables!!!!  And beans.  It took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with all the beans we eat, but it's worth it.
In other news we have had a difficult couple of weeks with my dad as he has had a couple of bouts with illness.  He was doing much better yesterday and hopefully he will be feeling great today.  He hasn't wanted to do much except sleep for the last couple of weeks.  But yesterday he seemed more alert and well.  So I am happy for that.  It has to be hard for him.  He tells me everyday that old age is hard.  And I believe him.  So many challenges!  But I am grateful he is still with us.  He is such a bright and happy individual.  I am very blessed!
I have a new calling in our church.  I am part of a team for compassionate service.  There are three of us.  My responsibility is taking care of new mothers.  I love it.  I think I got the best of the responsibilities.  I also keep a list of service in our area, so that if sisters need a service project they can call me for ideas.  We do have a very loving and sweet group of ladies who care a great deal for each other and are anxious to serve others.
Well, I had better get on with my day.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Good morning!  It is election day!  I am not looking forward to it much.  I am not happy with either candidate so I am voting for a third candidate.  Living in Idaho is pretty much a republican win, but I want someone to know that I do not think Donald Trump is a fit candidate.  I cannot vote for him in good conscience.  And I do not agree with too many of the issues of the democratic platform to vote for Hillary Clinton.  So I am voting for Evan McMullin.  I feel good about that.  The other things on the ballot are easier.  I will be glad when today is done.
I haven't been writing much.  Mostly because I have been kind of busy.  But also because it has been a hard few months.  My dad's wife Barbara died July 21 after a prolonged battle with pulmonary fibrosis.  That was hard but expected.  Tragically her daughter Adele was killed in a train accident 5 days later.  That really threw us all!  It was very sad and unexpected.  She had stopped her car on the train tracks to help a stray dog, and I guess did not expect the train to come just then.  She was 62.  I didn't know her well, but it was still a shock.  And my dad was really affected by it all.  We both had caught a very bad flu a few days before Barb passed away, so it was extra difficult.  My dad was so sick and sad.  We came back to Idaho the next week because I thought he might find comfort in being back in his own home....which he did.  But it has taken a lot out of him.  My sister Joy lives there with him, and has taken on most of his care.  But I go over every day to visit and help out.  I really worry now about him.  He has gotten so much more weak and frail.  It is hard to see.  He has a great positive attitude though.  He is always joking and happy.  And singing!  I usually take him out for a short ride each day, and he loves to sing along with Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald.  He is still a jazz musician in his heart.  He is an inspiration to me of how to grow old gracefully.  He loves to tell me about how amazing life is!  And he is right.  It is amazing in every way.
I am kind of excited this week, as I found a book about reversing type 2 diabetes.  It is called, "The End of Diabetes."  It is by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  It is a plant based way of eating.  I have been doing it for a little over a week, and have had to lower my dose of insulin by more than half.  I feel great!  And I am also losing weight, which is a plus!  He claims that within a couple of months you can be off meds for diabetes and within a year be completely free of diabetic symptoms.  I think it may work!  At least it is for me so far.  And I feel full and not craving chocolate or sugar or any of the other things that usually call to me when I am trying to eat right.  I also like that it falls within the guidelines of the Word of Wisdom...a tenant of my faith.  I feel much more energetic. unexpected bonus is that my knees are hurting less!  It is supposed to help arthritis....and in my case it  is certainly doing that.
Well, the day is beginning and I must away!  HAVVVVVVGW!  Melody