Thursday, March 16, 2017

Organizing My Brain

Me and my mom and Kenny 
Good morning!  I have been thinking of my mom a lot lately.  I miss her.  It would be so nice to be able to sit down with her and just talk!  She was a good listener and I could tell her my worries.  It seems like we were always able to figure things out together.  I miss that....and her....and the beach and sunny weather!!!!!
It is a little cloudy here.  It rained during the night, with a lot of wind.  I am so glad it is not snow!  However, the rain brings its own problems.  I think flooding will be an issue here in Idaho.  There are already people suffering because of the high water in smaller towns like Weiser, where the river has been extremely high.  They are releasing as much water as is safe from the dams. It is fun to see the high water, but a little worrisome for someone who tends to be a worrier.
I have started putting time in at the shop again.  Not much, just an hour or two in the mornings.  Mel is feeling pressure to get his work done, and so I go in and balance books and straighten his desk of all of the filing.  We have a bookkeeper, but she is only part time.  I enjoy being in there.  It's always so busy!!!
Today I plan to go into the shop and then on to my dad's.  He will want to go and get chocolate.  We have found a little candy shop in Eagle that makes rocky road...his personal favorite.  But it is very expensive.  My sister found some at Trader Joe's that is fresher and cheaper, so we may have to change our route.  Trader Joe's is new to Boise and is downtown near the college.  I like driving in there if the traffic isn't too bad.  Traffic has become a real issue for Boise.  It has changed dramatically from when we moved here.  It's still not as bad as Oakland or San Francisco...or even Salt Lake.  But it doesn't feel like a small town anymore.  Progress I guess.
I am starting a new painting any day now.  I have the materials, but I can't seem to settle on an idea.  I think I might take a break from painting people and paint a landscape.  I don't know why that is such a hard come up with a definite plan.  But it is the hardest part for me.  It is good though, because it keeps me thinking.  ;)  I read an article about painting that said it helped this artist to blog about art because then she felt challenged to actually do some.  I am hoping that works for me!
Well, I am flabbering again.  I think I have so much to say until I write it down:)  Then I realize I do need to blog just to organize all of the random ideas floating around in this brain of mine.  Take care out there in cyberspace!!!  Keep your stick on the ice!!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Who or Whom?

I am listening to two owls tonight...hooting to each other outside my studio window.  They sound friendly and I really think they are owls, and not someone pretending to be an owl:)  They are the first ones I have heard this year, and I am hoping it is a sign of Spring.  This winter has seemed so long!!! I went to book club this morning, and one of my friends there said that her daffodils had not bloomed yet, and how unusual that was.  She said in all of the years she has lived here that they have always bloomed in February.  I think she has been in Idaho longer than I have.  I can't believe we have lived here 30 years!  It will be 31 in November.  Time seems so much quicker now.  What has changed to make me think so?  I'm not sure.
I haven't written in my blog for quite a while.  It's not that I don't think about it.  But I am pretty busy with my Dad.  I drive over there most every day to visit him at his house.  It's a long drive, but it is worth it to see him smile.  He looks forward to me coming and taking him for a drive.  We usually just drive to McDonald's and get a diet Coke.  He likes that he can get a large for only $1.  Then we drive to a park or just sit in the car in the parking lot.  He likes to go to parks though, and watch the squirrels.  And the people.  So many people have dogs and it is fun for him to watch the dogs run and chase the squirrels:) or the balls, or sticks or whatever.  When the weather is much warmer I plan to take my scooter over and we will have a real adventure.  I think he would like to drive it along the greenbelt.  We shall see.
For book club we read, Dead Wake.  It was a fascinating book about the sinking of the Lusitania...and so much more.  I like that we read interesting things.  Next month it is my turn to lead a discussion.  We will be reading, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  I have wanted to read this for a while now.  Mel read it and thought it was good, though sad.  I know a little of the content, but I really think it would be a timely read.
I have finished my painting of the man in the red turban.  I like it a lot.  Probably because it was not my idea:)  I feel that copying a masterpiece has taught me so much about classical painting.  I was a little discouraged for a while because I didn't know how to finish the flesh part of the painting.  My teacher passed away last year before I learned that from him.  He was such a talented artist!  Luckily he made videos of his method and a friend of mine bought them.  So I remembered her talking about that and borrowed one of the discs that talks about painting flesh.  It really helped!  And so I finished the painting.  I still need to sign name plus Jan Van Eyck.  But I found a nice frame.  And for once I think the painting looks better in real life than a photo.  It is not so bright.  So I have made progress.  Whew!
Well, I guess I had better end this.  Melody